SCANNING #1, 2018


Satoshi Fujiwara takes the details of the urban unconsciousness and the heat of human beings that are being emitted on the road represents them with elaborate, super-realistic images, and exposes the dynamism that is encapsulated inside photographic images. What sort of a role do photographic images play as a medium in the 21st-century society? Or, what sort of a mission is given in the future? By identifying, on a visual image, various “codes” of a subject, such as a face, clothing, gestures, movements, and hairstyles, and by converting, compressing, and magnifying them, Fujiwara tries to drag down the subject to nobody. “Scanning#1” is one of such spatial practices, and can be said to be an attempt to swing back photography to its original starting point (zero). Critic Koji Taki once commented about Klein’s photographs, are “They are not works but they show the concepts of photography. This is why they are always new.” Fujiwara is also trying to question once again the concepts of photography and stir the texture and basic foundation of new photography in the urban landscape. (From the exhibition catalog, 2018, Photo: Masaya Yoshimura)